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We combine our expertise and modern technologies to build better.

European Primeclass Construction LLC is a construction company, operating since 2014, with a vision to deliver added value results to customers by applying advanced technologies in the sector. We believe that improvements are the result of constant development, reasonable judgment and detailed planning. We trust in advanced technologies and helping clients to experience benefits of improvements. We deliver engineering solutions to the most complex challenges, find most effective combination of technologies and then build it.
We are proud, to be a construction company, which streams to modern engineering and solutions, aiming to improve conservative construction methods for more benefits and better future.

OUR Services

Engineering, planning & Design

We carefully study customers need and shape it in terms of technological solutions. We use our team’s wide engineering experience to find optimal and cost effective solutions before starting architectural or structural design projects. We sketch optimal concept of the functional building considering clients requests and shaping it to get more of useable area, less operational or maintenance costs after building is built, ease of future reconstruction possibility if there will be any need.

We help clients to optimize investment, introducing them to modern approaches and advanced technologies in the sector

Construction & Delivery

We offer a full scale construction works, starting from soil excavation including interior finishing. We build according to DIN standard and accurately following technological requirements of the process.

We are constructing hotels, multi residential, industrial, public, individual buildings and surrounding infrastructure.
We test construction materials, keep the records regarding hidden works and quality evaluation results, constantly supervise the jobs onsite to deliver in excellence.

Supervision & problem soling

Using our experience and expertise, we can supervise already designed project documentation or construction process itself.

While supervising already designed project, optimisations can be applied by upgrading some of the conservative solutions used in the design.
When supervising construction process, we track exact correspondence to the project design. We test materials, track the technological process of execution, measure performed works’ quality and tracking budget and time frame construction.



Prefabricate concrete elements factory - Hanover
Airport Plaza Hamburg
Forum Duisburg - Duisburg
Cologne Oval Offices - Cologne
Building area 12 - HafenCity Hamburg


Isani Mall - Tbilisi
Hilton Garden – Tbilisi
Sea Towers - Batumi
Ministerial Building - Kutaissi
Merani Shopping Mall - Tbilisi
Technology Center - Tbilisi


Residential Park Sofia - Sofia

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