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Gravitational energy - Next Generation of permanent energy supply

Supply: 12 MW
(Technology designing & Engineering)

Sustainable energy

While our lives are very depended on electricity, finding the most effective ways to produce it at low cost and at the same time in a sustainable and renewable way, is the biggest challenge nowadays. That is why, we come up with an innovative technology – Gravitational energy – and believe that this innovation will change the world

What does Gravitational Energy mean?

Gravity is constant, nonstop force, existing around us, not depended on wind, sun, day, night or location. We all know that, what goes up, has to fall down. Falling objects are producing energy, but as you also need to spend energy to lift them back – gravity alone was considered as not efficient source. But, what if we use buoyancy force for lifting objects? That means, that two naturally existing forces are put together to get out permanent, low cost, renewable and sustainable energy, not ever depending on outside factors like wind, sun or etc.

Why the technology is unique?

System is placed in a closed building with parameters 12*12*60 meters. There is no sound from cycle flow, no emissions from operations, not hazardous for wild life or to live close. Gravitational Energy power plant can be located anywhere, In desert, by multi residential buildings, by factories, by trade centres, by hospitals and etc. One 12*12*60 meters Gravitational energy power plant can produce 12 MW renewable energy which equals to supplying up to 18,000 homes with electricity

Absolute Flexible

Gravitational Energy power plant can be designed with any facade systems to perfectly meet with surroundings. It operates absolutely independent of all outside conditions, could it be rain, snow, freeze, sunshine or wind. As gravitation and buoyancy forces are never stopping forces, cycle in the power plant turns constant, giving non stop energy supply.

No storage needed

Gravitation energy power plant fulfils all limitations of nowadays existing sustainable energy producing systems. As the flow cycle inside it never stops, supply is constant, there is no need for storing electricity. Power plant is having very low cost of maintenance, as the cycle is not having direct touch to outside factors and is protected with solid concrete structure building.

Efficient and Effective

While While biggest offshore 180 meter high wind turbines are currently supplying 8MW, onshore 142 meter high wind turbines – on average 3 MW, gravitational energy power plant can supply upto 12 MW with the building hight of 50 meters on top of ground level.

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