Isani Mall



the project was designed by Dutch architect  with full consideration of European standards imposed for public buildings. Planning was considering to create eco-friendly building with maximum use of constructed area and efficiency against electricity  consumption.


CHALLENGES –  Maximum use of constructed area


The task to gain maximum area for usage, enable building structure with less columns and 16 meter long span between the columns was solved by using COBIAX TECHNOLOGY.

COBIAX TECHNOLOGY is concrete lightweight solution which enables to have light structure building. Together with removing and reducing dead load (where load is not having structural reason) COBIAX TECHNOLOGY  gives opportunity to construct building:

  • with smaller width of columns,
  • with span between the columns up to 16 meters,
  • with reduced foundation structure compared to traditional way of construction
  • without beams between the columns

Saving result from using COBIAX TECHNOLOGY is reducing construction costs (labor, materials); construction time and enables free architectural planning for using constructed area, because of less columns in the building.


CHALLENGES – Reducing building operational costs


Public buildings like shopping malls, hospitals, airports, est, where people traffic is high are always consuming  a lot of energy for heating and cooling which is finally resulting in huge financial spending. For Isani mall was used GEOTERMAL COOLING AND HEATING SYSTEM which uses underground water circulations for making building structure element – concrete roof slab – cool or warm based on then need and outside temperature conditions.

Concept is based on the fact that underground water always hold stable temperature not defending what is the temperature in the air. Using GEOTERMAL HEATING AND COOLING enables building to hold regulated temperature in the building by not allowing outside temperature to effect inside condition of the heating and cooling.


CHALLENGES – Eco-friendly Building


Based on the technologies used while  construction process, ISANI MALL  is one of the first eco-friendly building in Georgia. By using COBIAX TECHNOLOGIES unfriendly construction waste has been reduced by nearly 30%. By using GEOTERMAL HEATING AND COOLING, building consumes less energy for operating in comfort temperature level inside the building.